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The stories of our neighbors, our friends, and our families hold the power to transform a three-mile stretch of Highland Street into a vibrant and deeply rooted community. For more than 100 years half a dozen communities and the city’s largest university have thrived in and around the Highland area. As the neighborhoods enter their second century, many of these important personal histories are lost as generations pass on. The Neighborhood Older Adult History (NOAH) Project, a joint project between the Highland Area Renewal Corporation (HARC) and the University of Memphis, aims to gather and archive these histories.

Project NOAH has begun to collect these histories from many of those who have lived longest in the area. With help from HARC these stories will be archived and presented to the community, in a variety of formats, which showcase a comprehensive history of the University District neighborhoods and its residents.  We hope that by gathering and sharing personal stories and insights of older adult residents we will enhance community life in the Highland area.  As we collect these histories, we will share them in video form on this site.  We are also interested in collecting historical photos of the Highland area, which we will also post on this site.

We know there are dozens and dozens of residents with terrific memories and stories about these neighborhoods, and the growth and change they’ve seen in the more than 100 years the Highland Corridor has been a vital area for the whole of Memphis.  We’d like to collect your story.  Please complete the following form or sit down with your neighbor who doesn’t have internet connection and help him or her tell his or her story.  We will then add those names to our list and using our resources gather their stories through video-taped interviews.

If you are interested in submitting your photos please download the following forms and return them to: Project Noah, c/o St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Suite 203, 480 S. Highland St., Memphis, TN 38111 download: Photo Archive (436.67KB)
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